Protect your loved ones

SafetyPic is an iOS app that removes the geotags from your photos as you share them, preserving your privacy and thereby keeping your loved ones safe.



White iPhone 6 screen 2Now you see it…

Did you know that every photo you take with your iPhone contains the latitude and longitude of where the picture was taken? It’s called a “geotag.” It’s the reason your iPhone’s photo app is able to organize photos by location. Unfortunately, if you send a photo to someone, or upload it onto social media, everyone else may see where you live – and often even your actual street address!


Black iPhone 6 screen 2bNow you don’t

Anyone concerned with the safety and privacy of their loved ones will benefit from SafetyPic. Every time we send a photo of our family members to friends, we have zero control over that person forwarding the photo to an unknown third party. This is a huge problem, because oftentimes our home addresses are embedded in those photos! With the continual erosion of our digital privacy, we cannot count on social media sites to remove these geotags. SafetyPic allows us to take our privacy into our own hands.

Use SafetyPic to…

  • Prevent your home address from getting out when sharing pictures of your family.
  • Post photos of your family to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites without worrying that your information will fall into the wrong hands.
  • Keep yourself safe from potential stalkers.
  • Protect your identifying information when conducting online transactions with potential buyers.
  • Prevent third parties from reselling your information for marketing purposes.
  • Maintain a comfortable level of anonymity, while participating in the digital economy.


Share freely and stay safe

SafetyPic your photos before sharing them, and know that your identifying information has been stripped from the picture. SafetyPic is completely safe to use. No photos on your phone are altered, and no data whatsoever is collected by the app.


Easy to use

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

iPhone 5s screen 11. Choose the photo you’d like to share and tap the SafetyPic button.



iPhone 5s screen 2

2. Note the map location that your shared copy will omit, and tap the Share button.



iPhone 5s screen 33. Safely share your photo using the standard iOS sharing widgets.


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